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The Blended Family written by Crystal Major

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on February 14, 2011

Tagged: Crystal Major, Rave

My fantastic boyfriend is funny, charming, genuinely nice and super outgoing. My precious fur baby Gigi is comical, a bit nutty, not afraid of commitment and worships me. Having a loving boyfriend and a devoted dog sounds great, but what if your guy doesn’t love your pet? What if your pet is jealous of your boy?

Once, Gigi peed on bf’s bed. Several times she peed in his office. More than once she’s screeched at shrill levels when the boy and I kissed or touched each other. Since I brought her home, Gigi has been the center of my universe…and she knows it. When the boy and I decided to become a couple however, Gigi could tell her turf was being usurped and she was less than thrilled. I can’t say I blame her. I was irate when my mom remarried. I was seven years old and quite happy having her all to myself. Then this tall dude showed up and the game changed. I. Had. To. Share. My mom was my entire world, so I get how Gigi was feeling when the boy started hanging around.

I called my dog trainer and set up a private lesson for the three of us after Gigi’s jealousy became an issue. Did I want anything about her to change? No, but I knew I had to work on things to make everyone happy. I wasn’t ecstatic about some of the changes, but I had to put my wants further down on the list and do what was necessary to show my bf I was committed. I didn’t think he was noticing, but I kept at it.

When the boy came over on Christmas Eve, he arrived with gifts. Lots of gifts. As I excitedly sorted through the parcels he stopped me, “That’s not for you. That’s for Gigi.” My heart swelled. He picked out a great vintage looking squeaky toy and some organic dog cookies. Gigi’s card said, “Good job on the improved behaviour. Keep it up!” It didn’t matter how spectacular the rest of the presents were, that was all I needed. Has it ever come down to your guy or your pet before?

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Crystal Major is just a downtown girl finding happiness everywhere she can. She’s a social media maven, avid coffee drinker, vitamin D junkie, devoted dog mother, blissed out blogger and shoe collector (among other awesome things).
Follow her on Twitter @missmajor, and check out her blog Major Gal.

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    1. rebecca says:

      This is so funny!

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