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The Little Things by Heather Clarke

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on February 14, 2011

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My husband hates touching the cotton in pill bottles. The dry, cottony feeling gives him the heebie-jeebies. So when he unwraps a new bottle of aspirin, I gallantly remove the cotton and hand the bottle back.

Being in a good relationship means understanding what annoying little task your partner hates doing, and offering to do it for them. And you know what? Sometimes the dumbest stuff seems to be mean the most.

I’m terrible about slicing my fingers when I’m grating cheese or cutting up pepperoni. I always wind up hopping around the kitchen doing a little pain dance. So when I get out the ingredients to make a pizza, my husband wordlessly takes the grater and knives and does that part himself. Although, really, who wants blood (or a Band-Aid) mixed in with their pizza toppings?

My husband gets frustrated folding laundry because he says my clothes and the baby’s clothes are “too damn small,” so folding laundry is my chore. My arms get sore from scrubbing the shower stall, so that’s his chore. Although I sometimes stand in the doorway and comment that he does such a great job (he does) because he has such big, strong arms (he does) — and I swear, he scrubs harder! Whatever gets the shower clean!

I get all cranky and impatient at the grocery store check-out, so my husband sends me to wait in the car and listen to the radio. He gets bored and complains of sore knees during a big shopping expedition, so I send him to the pretzel place — conveniently located near a comfy bench.

What are some of the annoying little tasks you do for your partner?

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Heather is a 20-something wife, mommy, and writer living in Halifax. Check out her adventures at or follow her on Twitter @Laptops2Lullaby.

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