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Andrea Grassi on Love as a Colour: Singles Colour 006 – The Green Hills of Love

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 29, 2011

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I just got back from Cumbria, UK. If you’ve ever been there you know it is innately romantic: rolling hills, mossy peaks, quaint cobble stone towns, cozy pubs with crackling fires and cheap drinks. Yes, all the makings for a beautiful romance.

To further the mush, I was there for a big ol’ love celebration (to be a bridesmaid in my best high school friend’s wedding) and thus I was teary eyed and in a daze. I kept squealing “beautiful!” waving my hands in the air at the sight of the pillowy dales or 11th – 12th century churches crouching on the high streets.

“Amazing! Wicked! Adorable” my iPhone whipping around trying to freeze every detail. I felt like old Julie in the Sound of Music (albeit not in Austria), arms out stretched and ready for love (and I even sang the song “The hills are alive” etc. a few times when I was overcome by the big beauty).

England is old - beautiful old – and you have no idea how the history affects you until you go there (Rome would probably slay me). The architecture itself was romance, and I was hooked. Even while in London, I really got a good grasp of how young Canada is – squeaky and fresh and hard (the pioneers have nothing on these settlers).

With all that great dense history, comes tales of love and romance and pure devotion. The wedding party was fortunate enough to be put up in heritage estate Melmerby Hall, a Cumbrian property dating back to families from 1130. In the house, there is a folk story about a great duel in front of the estate’s tower (that has since been destroyed) where two knights (apparently once of the name Lancelot, though not of the round table ilk I’m sure) fought for young Lady Anne de Melmbery’s hand in marriage.

Imagine someone fighting to the death for you? Now we can’t even get guys to wait until we are out of the room to fart.

And another tale, of a woman who lived in Melmbery all her life and married five times, which may explain the folklore that there were six ghosts in the house (though, I’m guessing if they were in fact the husbands of this black widow, they wouldn’t be as friendly as described).

In any case, with all that tradition and natural beauty a lot of the guys at the wedding reception were looking really good.

Has a landscape ever gotten you into the mood, or is that just me?

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Andrea Grassi has been either a freelance writer, editor, researcher, proofreader (or all) at the following publications: The Mark NewsThis MagazineWhere Toronto, Pique News Whistler, 24hrsSoundproofCelery (defunct, but influential Toronto-based zine), Job Postings (US), Campus Life Magazine, The Medium and scripted on Rogers Cable 10, among others. Her advertising creative has been featured in campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Windsor Salt, Leo Pharma, Trispec Communications, Dobson & Toncic Insurance, Urologi Inc., among others.
Check her out: Wesbsite: / Twitter: @andGrassi / Linkedin: Andrea Grassi

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