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Best First Date Ever written by Alessia Galati

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 22, 2011

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It was the kind of first date that took away the butterfly’s and fixed a permanent smile on my face 5 minutes in. I was picked up, taken out, and treated like a real lady. He held the doors open, pulled out my chair and complimented my dress (new, of course). We shared the task of ordering dinner, drinks, and dessert. Conversation went smoothly from the very start; it was as if I’d already known him sometime in the past and we were just picking up where we’d left off.

Like instant gratification, when you know immediately you’re in for a great time.  Ah the spark, yes.

As if this wasn’t enough best, we ended the evening over drinks with some of my closest friends. I know, two worlds colliding so soon, first date, the whole thing. And no, it wasn’t that extra glass of wine that had me accepting my pals’ offer to meet up, new guy in toe. It was because I just knew it would work, they would mesh, and we’d all get on together swimmingly. Luckily, I was right.

I’ll spare you the sappy details of our goodbye moment. But in case you’re wondering if the best first included a first kiss… HELLS YES it did! And as for date #2, bring it.

Ever had the pleasure of a best first? If so, tell us what happened next. How do you top the best first?

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Twenty-six year old Alessia Galati is the Buying Assistant in ladies wear at the Bay, and is currently dating. She adores her friends, loves being in love, and can’t go a day without her fashion mags. Although she’s new to the blogosphere, she’s been reading and writing for decades. Talking about relationships, dating, boyfriends and the like has always been her thing and she has more than a few tales to tell. She should blog and tweet more than she does so why not help her along?
Follow Alessia Galati on Twitter: @alessia_marie and check out her blog, Estilo.

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One Response to Best First Date Ever written by Alessia Galati

  1. rebecca says:

    Can’t wait to hear what happens next…..IN DETAIL! Well, some detail.

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