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Confess Your Feelings written by Amanda Di Pasquale

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 1, 2011

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Confessing feelings isn’t just for romantic comedies.

Unrequited love is like sitting in front of a triple layer fudge cake and not taking a bite. You sit, stare, fantasize but never take the cake, pun intended. Unrequited love can be painful but also romantic. What is it about expressing one’s feelings that some people find so difficult? Perhaps the appeal is that it keeps you in a completely safe spot. You don’t have to fully open yourself up, so there is no chance of getting hurt.

Personally, I chalk up my own lack of gumption when telling people how I feel to the fear of rejection or the possibility of looking like a fool. Telling someone how you feel and not knowing the outcome is like ripping off a layer of skin, standing in the street and hoping this person doesn’t splash a bucket of vinegar on you. I’d take a sleepless night of keeping my feelings to myself rather than the possibility of getting burned or looking stupid.

However sometimes, you have to go after what you want despite the outcome. Maybe this person has no idea that you are harbouring these feelings. Maybe if someone told them, “Hey, so-and-so thinks you’re the most fantastic person who’s ever walked this earth,” they would be so relieved because they feel the same way. Cue the happily-ever-after montage. Now for a second, let’s say the other thing happens and they don’t have those feelings? So you end up a little bruised and a bit heartbroken, who cares! Well obviously we all do, but now you can breathe a sigh of relief and finally move on.

Quit staring at that delicious cake and grab a fork! I may not practice what I preach (yet) but I say go for the sweet thing and tell that person how you feel. Either way, you will kill that mystery and realize that it wasn’t what it seemed, or maybe they were waiting the whole time too.

What do you think?


Amanda Di Pasquale is a blogger, writer, and PR newbie. She loves beauty, fashion, health, food, travel & positivity! Visit her blog, Not A Model, and follow her on Twitter, @notamodelblog

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One Response to Confess Your Feelings written by Amanda Di Pasquale

  1. rebecca says:

    Go big or go home is my motto!

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