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First Run-Ins written by Alessia Galati

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 7, 2011

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And by run-ins, I’m referring to that dreaded moment  – the first time you run into your ex and his/her new pal. Not an easy moment by any means doesn’t matter how LONG ago you said goodbye or how OVER him you know you are. Most often awkward, uncomfortable, and can be slightly frightening. For those real doosies, this list includes all of the above.

Approaching the moment, a million thoughts flood your mind. Should you bite the bullet and say hello? Will he? Will SHE? And if you do enter into some form of conversation, how will you know what to say? What if your mouth dries up or your hands start to shake? Panic has officially set in. All in all, this can become quite the internal situation.

Now, I can be as worrisome and over-anxious as they come and have always found myself somewhere in the above mentioned mind space when facing THE run-in. That is until the most recent time it, or ‘they’, were standing right in front of me.

This time, I vowed to not second-guess myself.  Stay confident and power through.  Age, maturity, experience, call it whatever you want. All I know is, it paid off tenfold. Not only had I walked into the room knowing full well the new couple would be in attendance, but I actually left feeling BETTER. A dose of perspective hit me smack in the face – we had both moved on and it was just, over. I’m talking more than just the relationship; I mean the hurt, the sadness, the loss.

That afternoon I said goodbye to my friends, managed to dodge the ex on the ttyl’s, and got into my car feeling lighter and way pleased with the days turn out. In case you’re wondering – No, I’m not a fan of setting myself up for uncomfortable situations by any means. So why even go if I knew I’d be walking right into the danger zone? Because, sometimes the hardest moments to face are the ones that bring the greatest clarity.

Now you. Would you/have you walked right in? Or, do you run in the other direction?

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Twenty-six year old Alessia Galati is the Buying Assistant in ladies wear at the Bay, and is currently dating. She adores her friends, loves being in love, and can’t go a day without her fashion mags. Although she’s new to the blogosphere, she’s been reading and writing for decades. Talking about relationships, dating, boyfriends and the like has always been her thing and she has more than a few tales to tell. She should blog and tweet more than she does so why not help her along?
Follow Alessia Galati on Twitter: @alessia_marie and check out her blog, Estilo.

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3 Responses to First Run-Ins written by Alessia Galati

  1. rebecca says:

    I run!

  2. Mil. says:

    Lesh, this was a great read. Can you blog more please?

  3. Tara says:

    Walked right in with the biggest smile :)

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