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Like Attracts Like written by Amanda Di Pasquale

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 1, 2011

Tagged: Amanda Di Pasquale, Rave

Like attracts like, there I said it.

Opposites don’t attract. Well maybe for some they do, but this little dating rule needs to be bumped down the list. I’m far more on the side of like attracts like. Now usually when I say this, it sounds like I want to date the male version of myself but that is completely not true. Personally, I’ve tried to date people who were the complete opposite of me, who had completely different views on everything, who had no interest in any of the things I was interested in, and it never worked.

Let’s get this straight, we don’t have to like EVERYTHING the same because where is the fun in that? However, in the beginning it’s nice to be able to vibe on things like favourite movies, music, backgrounds etc. This doesn’t mean I need to sit across from a man while we discuss The Great Gatsby and who got kicked off The Bachelor, that’s not always realistic and I have friends for that. But I do love when I meet someone on a first or second date and we realize that we both had the same type of grade 1 bully or both have a crazy love for sweet potatoes. It just feels good to know the little things you may find weird about yourself aren’t so bad when someone else has them too. Isn’t that why they call it, “finding your other half?” I’ve had friends say to me, “What do you expect to have in common with a guy? They’re guys!” I always find this statement comical because I do hope the person I end up with has a lot in common with me. He doesn’t have to read Fitzgerald but I do hope we’ll have lot of different things in common. Perhaps I just haven’t experienced the excitement of finding the oil to my vinegar yet.

So you tell me, do you think opposites attract?


Amanda Di Pasquale is a blogger, writer, and PR newbie. She loves beauty, fashion, health, food, travel & positivity! Visit her blog, Not A Model, and follow her on Twitter, @notamodelblog

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One Response to Like Attracts Like written by Amanda Di Pasquale

  1. rebecca says:

    I think opposites CAN/DO attract. My boyfriend and I – we’re very different. But you are right about the vibe. We still have that. I like opposites – mixes things up and introduces you to new things/experiences. It’s good if they are supportive of you!

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