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Love YOU First written by Crystal Major

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 8, 2011

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Right now, the person you’re meant to be with is out there looking for you. Maybe you’re feeling hopeless, destined to be a spinster, living alone with 12 cats, speed dialling delivery three nights a week. Relax, he or she is out there. I won’t beat you over the head with the glib “you’ll just know,” or annoying “stop looking and they’ll find you.” Sister, I’ve been where you are and I’ve seen a side of myself that I hope never resurfaces again.

As millennium hippie as it might sound…I started meditating and writing myself encouragement letters reminding me of how awesome I am. I needed a reminder as I dwelled on failed relationship and even dared to think about those “missed chances.” Maybe that guy who watched me fill out my customs form on the plane and then Facebooked me because he read my name wasn’t a creep after all. Maybe I shouldn’t have deleted his message. WRONG. Dude was weird and I knew better. I snapped myself out of my loneliness haze and you should too if that’s where you are right now.

Ex-boyfriends or girlfriends are exes for a reason. Sure, sometimes we end relationships only to rekindle them and have things work out (hooray for me and the bf), but most of the time things have fallen apart for a reason. Like, the ex hit on girls in front of you or forgot your birthday three years in a row, or, the casual relationship you’re hoping will turn into more, doesn’t. MOVE ON!  You deserve better and you know it. Your new lover is on their way so don’t settle in the meantime.

Frankly, you’re incredible and settling for anyone who isn’t that illusive “one” is silly. Have faith that you’re getting your happily ever after with a person perfect for you. Not a perfect person, but someone who fits you perfectly.

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Crystal Major is just a downtown girl finding happiness everywhere she can. She’s a social media maven, avid coffee drinker, vitamin D junkie, devoted dog mother, blissed out blogger and shoe collector (among other awesome things).
Follow her on Twitter @missmajor, and check out her blog Major Gal.

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