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Movie Wars written by Heather Clarke

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 11, 2011

Tagged: Heather Clarke, Rant

When Darling Husband asked me on our first date, we were standing in the stairwell of our high school amidst the between-classes chaos. He sweetly asked me to go to the movies with him that Saturday night, and when I agreed, he told me to pick out any movie I wanted to see.

I picked the Natalie Portman tearjerker Where The Heart Is, about a teenage girl who gives birth in Wal-Mart.

I haven’t been allowed to pick a movie since.

Kidding. Well, kind of. It’s certainly never been as easy to get my choice as it was back then. When a relationship is new, the guy always lets you pick the movie. I don’t know if it’s because he’s so happy to be with you (awww) or that he’s trying to be on his best behaviour (also awww), but whatever it is, it’s fantastic. I love getting to decide! Bring on the chick flicks!

After the new-ness of our relationship wore off, I was determined to be the “cool” and “easygoing” girlfriend. I started letting him pick the movie. I wanted to be the kind of girlfriend who would patiently sit through testosterone-fueled shoot-’em-up action flicks because it was the fair thing to do. So I did. And it was … tedious. After one movie I complained that all the robots did was slam into each other, and he replied enthusiastically, “That was the best part!”

Somewhere along the way, movies got a lot more expensive, so we decided to try seeing movies we’d both like to watch. Movies that included a little action (for him), a little romance (for me), and some humour (for both of us). After we’d seen Ocean’s Eleven about a dozen times, we realized that was pretty much it for movies we’d both enjoy. Trips to the video store ended in fights where we’d leave empty-handed. Our Blockbuster membership almost single-handedly destroyed us.

These days? We have a nine-month-old baby and very little free time. We would see ANY movie if it meant getting out of the house alone together for a few hours. We’d probably sit through two hours of credits, if popcorn was involved. Or just spend two hours sleeping in those comfy seats. The only argument would be over how long we could sit in the peaceful, empty theatre before the ushers kick us out.

How do you and your partner decide who picks the movie?

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Heather is a 20-something wife, mommy, and writer living in Halifax. Check out her adventures at or follow her on Twitter @Laptops2Lullaby.

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One Response to Movie Wars written by Heather Clarke

  1. CynthiaCrumb says:

    With three kids aged 3, 5 and 8, the only movies we ever see these days are animated films. Thankfully, there are some great ones with actual storylines.

    And, I usually end up being the popcorn-maker and kid-tucker-inner through most rentals so I just let hubby pick and be done with it. :)

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