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Nagging your man? Try nudging instead written by Heather Clarke

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 9, 2011

Tagged: Heather Clarke, Rant

You can lead a man to a chore, but you can’t make him do it. However, if you don’t lead him at all, it definitely won’t get done. We girls are often accused of “nagging,” and there’s nothing worse than feeling like a nag. So why not try the art of nonverbal “nudging”?

I’m always nagging — er, nudging — Darling Husband to take out the garbage. I used to leave the bags in the front hall of our condo, near the door. But somehow, that was not quite close enough. He breezed past them daily. I couldn’t decide if he was choosing not to see them or was just REALLY THAT BLIND (because he is always losing his glasses … but that’s another annoying story).

My new trick? I now leave the bag of garbage directly in front of the door. You literally can’t open or close the door without dragging a bag of garbage across the floor. Ha! He can’t pretend he doesn’t see it if he physically has to touch it, right? I’m happy to report that I’ve seen a 73% increase in him taking out the garbage. Of course, we may all become trapped in the condo if there’s a garbage bag blocking the door during a fire, but at least there will still be a 73% decrease in me bitching about the garbage in the hall.

I also rely on scotch tape to get Darling Husband on task. I tape reminder notes to light-switches, to the front door, and to the bathroom mirror. If I have a letter I want him to mail, I tape it to his keys. If I have a grocery list for him, I tape it to his cell phone — and e-mail an electronic version to his cell phone, in case he drops/loses/forgets the paper copy. I once taped an important note to a beer can in the fridge, and — surprise, surprise — he found it right away!

Sure, you shouldn’t have to do all of this. Men should be able to remember to do chores on their own. But since they don’t, nudging them into doing something is much more satisfying than just doing it yourself. And no one can accuse you of being a nag if you don’t say a word!

Have you guys ever tried this? Or have any other tricks when it comes to getting stuff done without nagging?

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Heather is a 20-something wife, mommy, and writer living in Halifax. Check out her adventures at or follow her on Twitter @Laptops2Lullaby.

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