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Q & A with Psychotherapist Tasha S. Eastman

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 3, 2011

Tagged: Psychotherapy Q&A, Tasha S. Eastman

Sometimes we all need professional help and guidance to make sense of our lives, especially our relationships.  Send any questions you have to and Psychotherapist Tasha S. Eastman will answer them!

Q:  I recently broke up with my boyfriend because we were having issues in the bedroom, we have had this same fight many times and have trouble communicating with each other. We both still love one another and are both having a hard time letting go. This is the first time I’ve ever been in love, and I’m wondering if this is something worth fighting for and trying to figure out, or a problem that will just get worst with time and be even harder in the future? There’s something telling me that this is too good to let go of, and that it shouldn’t be all about sex, however I’m worried what will happen in the future. Help!

A: I can really hear how this would be a difficult situation for you. It is hard to be so in love with someone and yet have an issue such as this persist throughout your relationship. Issues in the bedroom are often particularly troublesome because although sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, it is still important nonetheless. Sex can be important for both a physical and emotional connection in a relationship. How important it is will differ from one individual to another, so you might try to explore what your feelings are on it, and in this case, what it would be like for you if the problem couldn’t be resolved and you stayed together. It is somewhat difficult to fully answer the question without details on what the exact issue is, but for the most part, issues having to do with sex can often be worked through if both people in the relationship are committed to doing so, and are open about their feelings and concerns along the way. From what you’ve said, it sounds like you and your boyfriend might be having two different experiences of this issue, for instance how big of an issue this is for each of you, if it can be worked through, what needs to change, etc. Everyone has different ways of processing things so, like I mentioned earlier, it is important that both of you are open about how you, as individuals, are experiencing this problem before you can begin to to work through it together. Once there is some understanding of how this issue is having an effect on each of you in this relationship, you can try to explore ways of working through it together that feels comfortable to you as individuals and also as a couple in this relationship.


Tasha S. Eastman has always had a great interest in understanding how and why people experience things the way they do. Through her studies of Psychotherapy, she has learned ways to work through the difficulties associated with the way her clients experience and make sense of relationships, different events in life, or of life in general. She has a genuine desire to develop trusting relationships with her clients and help them feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. For more information please e-mail and follow her on Twitter, @TashaEastmanTO

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  1. rebecca says:

    Oh, I’m so curious. What is the real problem????

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