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Q & A with Psychotherapist Tasha S. Eastman

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 1, 2011

Tagged: Psychotherapy Q&A, Tasha S. Eastman

Sometimes we all need professional help and guidance to make sense of our lives, especially our relationships.  Send any questions you have to and Psychotherapist Tasha S. Eastman will answer them!

Q: I just started dating someone and I’m really happy but I’m also worried it’ll fail like all my other relationships. How do I remain in the present and not be so scared?

A: Trying to remain in the present is an important and at times difficult aspect of being in any relationship. Your past experiences shape how you anticipate your future experiences may be. In saying that, it is not a bad thing to be aware of the experiences you have had in the past, however, to get caught up in them might diminish the good feelings you are having now because of your worries that something might go wrong. If you find yourself stuck in the past you might take some time to reflect on what happened and how you felt so that you can start to work through some of those feelings that are causing you to worry now. I’m also wondering if you might be able to talk about your feelings and concerns with this new person in your life so that the two of you can explore how to work through them together. By doing this you are not only going to ease your stress by having someone to share your worries with, but you are also opening up an area of trust and exploration in your new relationship.


Tasha S. Eastman has always had a great interest in understanding how and why people experience things the way they do. Through her studies of Psychotherapy, she has learned ways to work through the difficulties associated with the way her clients experience and make sense of relationships, different events in life, or of life in general. She has a genuine desire to develop trusting relationships with her clients and help them feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.  For more information please e-mail and follow her on Twitter, @TashaEastmanTO

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