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THINK YOU HAD A BAY DAY? Rebecca’s Hate Mail

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 15, 2011

Tagged: Hate Mail, Rebecca Eckler, Think You Had A Bad Day?

Rebecca is as controversial as they come, and with that controversy sometimes comes, well, being hated. She’s very good at laughing things off, and wants to share some of her hate mail to #1) make you laugh, and #2) rebuttal in her own defense.

I watched your segment on The Marilyn Denis Show. I rarely feel the need to comment on what I see on television but I could not let this go. To be blunt, the attitude you project is despicable. I’m not sure if you think yourself funny or not but just in case there is a question, let me tell you that you are not funny. Anyone who would throw out anything of mine would show me that the person lacks respect for me and I would be throwing that someone out of my life. A relationship is about respect. You represent a type of women that there is petty and superficial and all about yourself. I hold the door open for everyone but if I you were at a door near me I would be tempted to shut it in your face.

- rjb

Rebecca’s response:

Rjb, I hope I’m never behind you at a door! (PS. The jeans I hated that I threw off a balcony never came back. It worked!)

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