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To Share, Or Not To Share? written by Sheri Segal Glick

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 5, 2011

Tagged: Rant, Sharing secrets, Sheri Segal Glick

My husband is extremely private. The fact that he sometimes comes up in blogs (this one or my personal blog) is incredibly disturbing to him despite the fact that I would never discuss our sex life, details about fights (including but not limited to the one we’re going to have when he realizes that I’m writing about him again) or things that he tells me in confidence. I think this is because I am a woman and, as such, I am used to sharing life-details with all of my girlfriends and making decisions by committee, whereas men tend to talk about generalities and sports, even with their closest friends (or so my husband tells me).

Since getting together with my husband I have tried to adapt to his ways- or at the very least respect his privacy- though it hasn’t always been easy or obvious for a bigmouth sharer like myself. Interestingly, one my biggest blunders did not happen as a result of what I had actually revealed, but rather it was related to what I might have revealed when I friended his mother on Facebook  (apparently my Facebook page is a window into his life). I defriended her at the time and currently have her on settings so restrictive that she is only able to see pictures of her grandson and NOTHING ELSE (lest she accidentally glean some insight into our very secret and very exciting (?) life together).

I really don’t want to embarrass my husband by over-sharing (and I very well might have as a result of my discussing his unwillingness to share) but given that we share a life together, some of the details are mine to disclose, right? It’s not like I’m one of those people changing my Facebook status every time my husband does something I find irritating (I really am Facebook friends with that girl. Sigh.) I just want to be able to talk about my life, just a little bit, sometimes.

What do you think? Is it okay to reveal details about your significant other to friends? Does your partner worry about you revealing too much? How do you deal with it?


Sheri is a lawyer, trained journalist and published writer who is currently staying home with her almost-two-year-old son (and who is expecting baby 2 in May). She has a blog Trying To Find My Funny, that she occasionally remembers to update and a home in Ottawa that she occasionally remembers to clean. Follow her on Twitter @Sheri.Segal.Glick

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  1. What was the feedback from this post? I am cuirious as I am going through the exact same struggle.

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