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Young Marriage written by Danielle Christopher

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on March 22, 2011

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Sitting on the small twin bed, with papers scattered everywhere, my darling fiancée is on the phone. We catch each other’s eyes as we are locked in a joint smile. He says good-bye on the phone and tells me it’s my turn. I take the receiver and begin to dial.

Just this morning we booked our wedding date with the church. We go in tomorrow to meet with the priest for pre-marital counseling. We don’t attend church ourselves but knew it was the right thing to do. It is a beautiful church in the town where we grew up. We only want a small gathering. The reception will be at my dad’s house. I never dreamed of a big wedding.

Having been together over a year and a half, both of us were about to embark on moving in together. Originally we had been planning a wedding in six months, but the urge to make it legal prevailed. We just wish to get on with our lives together without a back door of just living together.

Through all the dramas and break-ups we had, I only wanted him. Even when we broke up, we still hung out.  He knew all my secrets and wishes, as I knew his too. We are best friends. We knew we were going to have some family backlash on our rush to tie the knot. No, I am not pregnant. I am 19 years old and he is 22 years old.  I feel very lucky to have found a lover, a companion and a friend so early. My dreams for my future include him by my side.

I finish calling my few family and friends with the happy news. Greeted with happy and mixed feeling, it is their feelings and I have mine. Marriage is not for everyone. It’s just for those who want to work at it.

Age is just a number on your driver’s license. There is no time clock when you ‘should’ marry, nor when you ‘should’ have kids. Friendship is the heart of every great unconditional relationship.

With your current love relationship, were you friends first?

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Danielle has been married to her husband for over eighteen years. That first date was almost 21 years ago. She is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Momoir Project, Women’s Post, The Yummy Mummy Club and many other parenting websites. Danielle lives with her husband and their young daughters in Langley, BC.
Find her on Twitter @just_d_world. Her main blogging home is

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