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A Rare Separate Vacation written by Danielle Christopher

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on April 4, 2011

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I am jetting off to Winnipeg to spend time with my pen pal second cousin.  It is the first time that I am leaving my husband at home while I go on a vacation.  I just didn’t know if I was ready to leave him.

He drove me to the airport and I kissed him good-bye. After seven years of marriage there was no dramatic airport good-bye. That surprised me a bit. When I was settled into my seat and my drink order was taken I felt a little trepidation on the tarmac. As I turned on my light to read on the flight, my worry of leaving him left my shoulders.

I arrived at the gate and to my cousin’s greeting. It was like our letters turned over into now. We picked up the conversation from where our calls ended. When I was settled at my mother’s aunt’s place, all of a sudden I felt like I was a kid again. I was given a towel and a curfew for the TV. I holed up in the guest room armed with my books and cell phone. It felt odd yet thrilling.

I participated in my great aunt’s activities for my visit. I was amused the feeling that I was revisiting my childhood. I would call my husband here and there. I loved that I never feel I missed him. I just felt like I was visiting my genetic history.

The most glorious day of my trip was when I was left alone at the local mall all day. I walked for exercise all morning while browsing the windows from time to time. In my travels I spied a movie theatre. Realizing a chick-flick was playing within hours, I was giddy. I took myself to lunch over a veggie burger with fries and two beers. I was on a vacation of course.

I settled in the movie seat with large popcorn and relaxed to watching Legally Blonde. When my cousin came to pick me up I felt like I was a teenager. I felt lighter and my batteries recharged.

I never thought I would enjoy having a time apart from my best friend and husband. It put me at ease that I am not a teenager longing for a happy life. I have that in my comfort of my own home. And it is true that absence can make the heart grow fonder.

Am I alone on this or do you other married women feel the same?

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Danielle has been married to her husband for over eighteen years. That first date was almost 21 years ago. She is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Momoir Project, Women’s Post, The Yummy Mummy Club and many other parenting websites. Danielle lives with her husband and their young daughters in Langley, BC.
Find her on Twitter @just_d_world. Her main blogging home is

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