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Blonde, Bronzed & Confidential: Q & A “Drive me Crazy!”

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on April 26, 2011

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If you’re looking for to-the-point with a bit of flare advice, look no further.  Jen Kirsch, a relationship expert, columnist and blogger tells it like it is.  Her hit blog Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething has become the go-to site for twentysomethings in need of relationship advice.  With daily emails requesting she have a ‘Dear John’ type question and answer section, we selfishly snagged her to help you out with your dating dilemmas. Jen has a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University.

Dear Jenny,

I’m going out with a savvy businessman, which I love. He has great drive, which is only a problem when we’re actually driving. You see, Jenny, when we’re headed on date nights he likes to make sure he gets all his business out of the way so he can put his work aside and enjoy our evening anxiety free. But multitasking is not his forte.

He often makes his end of day calls from his cars’ Bluetooth, but as he’s tying up his loose ends and signing off on deals, he often misses his exits, drives in circles, does the whole back and forth thing, and I can’t even speak up because he’s on a business call. This happens all the time and I’m getting fed up. I’d rather he get his work out of the way and lay off his BlackBerry while we’re out, but these ongoing calls and my inability to speak up during our car rides are driving me crazy. What do I do?


Drive Me Crazy

Dear Drive Me Crazy,

Seems like you’re content with the idea of dating a businessman, but not so content with what comes with it. Personally, I think the workday is when work should be getting done – though I don’t know his line of work.

The workday is typically from 9-5pm. With dating a businessman, however, whose work likely comes first and foremost, I can understand (somewhat) how phone calls and the ‘tying of loose ends’ seems to seep into your date nights. Not cool, I say.
I’d address this topic and let him know that you look forward to seeing him after the workday, and you see the drive to wherever it is you are going to celebrate date night, as part of the date in and of itself. I’m sure him being on the phone while you are just sitting there doesn’t make you feel all that good, and my concern is those negative feelings may shade your date a bit darker.

So next time the two of you are hanging out, sans Bluetooth and car, broach the topic. Tell him how it makes you feel and ask if – on days that you guys have a date night planned –  he can tryto  tie up his loose ends during his work day before he sees you as opposed to making calls in your presence. By making him aware of his behaviour and how it affects you, you can help promote change. And, food for thought little lady, a GPS would make for a good gift, no?




You can also follow Jen on Twitter @BlondeBronzed and Facebook.

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