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On The Road Again written by Ryan Kerr

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on April 7, 2011

Tagged: Rant, Ryan Kerr

As I write this, I’m on a bUmPy MegaBus en route from Toronto to New York City.  It’s raining, and the streaks down the windows are giving the otherwise drab upstate NY highway a certain sparkle.  Maybe it’s just “Bad Girl” blasting on my iPod that’s illuminating the countryside. It’s a 10 hour ride, so I may as well find SOMETHING fascinating!

This is my fourth trip since January.  I’ve been to LA, D.C., Montréal, and now I’m headed to the Big Apple. And it’s only April. Last year I went to Europe twice, totalling 5 weeks. I love traveling, and traveling loves me too, but boyfriends hate it!

I even broke up with a boy by getting on a plane. “I’m going away for 6 months,” I said.  Then I made the “let’s-not-make-this-moment-more-awkward-than-necessary-by-explaining-what-that-means-for-you” face. He cried.

It’s not that I’m heartless. In fact, I firmly believe you have to have more heart than head to go to different cities, countries, continents, meet new people and try new things.  Stretching oneself emotionally keeps the body and soul limber. (Then I board a plane or bus and drink Coke Zero and Pringles.) Hmmm.

Recently, (as recently as this afternoon when I was jolted awake by a cursing bus driver and the booming horn) I realized that it’s possible I travel to avoid serious relationships.  I mean I’m dapper, cultured, and charming. Especially at first. Then getting to know me, I’m a little more human.

I have a messy apartment (see my article about THAT here).  I live way beyond my means. I have a fabulous, but tenuous existence.  I just awoke from a dream about women dancing ballet in sequined chicken costumes.

Why risk showing potential lovers the real me when I can flit in and out of the city before they have a chance to see them? Do I need to be “grounded” until I figure this one out

Thoughts for the Scranton Expressway…

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In addition to being single, Ryan Kerr travels frequently to promote his self-published book On Growin’ Up… a guide and have an amazing time.  When “home” he is a regular contributor to and is an avid tweeter @ryanseeker.

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