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THINK YOU HAD A BAD DAY? Rebecca’s Hate Mail.

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on April 15, 2011

Tagged: Hate Mail, Think You Had A Bad Day?

Rebecca is as controversial as they come, and with that controversy sometimes comes, well, being hated. She’s very good at laughing things off, and wants to share some of her hate mail to #1) make you laugh, and #2) rebuttal in her own defense.


Your new book shows that you’ve been treated bad by every man u ever met. Men don’t need to be trained, u just need to accept that he’s not right for you. U don’t make someone into what u want. People change because they love someone, not because they have to. What if I made a book called “how to train your bitch” would that be cool with u? Your book sucks and I hope it flops.


Rebecca’s Response:

I don’t think my book shows that at all. All my ex-boyfriends have loved me. And, no, they didn’t all treat me badly on a whole. But they did little things that pissed me off so much I could pull my hair out! If you write a book called “How to train your bitch” I may just write one called, “How to live with an Asshole.” Please don’t criticize a book you obviously haven’t read. And, sorry, it hasn’t and won’t flop. Have a great day!

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  1. Wow that was awesome!!!

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