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THINK YOU HAD A BAD DAY? Rebecca’s Hate Mail

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on April 6, 2011

Tagged: Hate Mail, Think You Had A Bad Day?

Rebecca is as controversial as they come, and with that controversy sometimes comes, well, being hated. She’s very good at laughing things off, and wants to share some of her hate mail to #1) make you laugh, and #2) rebuttal in her own defense.

Dear rebecca,

I read the article of Micah Toub, in the globe and mail about your next book “How to Raise a Boyfriend: The Definitive Manual for Educating Your Man”, and I think you are off the mark…. by a mile, if not by two miles, unless you are writing this book for a woman who does not understand what a man is and what drives him, and I wonder if you ever will understand.

You probably have a good positive intent behind the publishing of this book, you can probably help some woman, but you are not helping relationships between men and woman.

If we would turn the tables and have a man write a book on how men should educate their woman the same way we educate a boy, we men would get hang by the public opinion, pressure groups and feminist.

Their is already something as stupid as the underground “Pick-up artist Movement” that is so low, because it teach’s men way to satisfy their own need’s, in a manipulative and ego-testical way, that you come with your book and in my eye you lower yourself at the same level than those PUA douch bags.

If you want to learn about men, I would suggest you (because as men, we dont always listen, but we love to find solutions and give suggestions….) to read “the Way of the Superior men” and “enlightned sex” by David Deida.

Part one of is Spirit, sex, love seminar in australia.

- Benoit

Rebecca’s Response:

I am happy to know that men are at home at 10 a.m. watching Merilyn Denis! That’s fantastic! I will check out the books. Thanks for writing. (But I do know a lot about men. I’ve dated a heck of a lot of them!)

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