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Living in my White Bread World written by Tracey Nolan

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on May 2, 2011

Tagged: Tracey Nolan

We are driving through Tim Horton’s so he can get a medium regular coffee to bring back to the hotel room.

Him: Do you want anything?

Me: I want to go to that Starbucks over there.

In the parking lot outside the Starbucks, he spots a variety store.

Him: Do you want to get some snacks to bring back to the room?

Me: Do you want a couple of those Petite Vanilla Scones from Starbucks? I can grab a couple of those while I get my latte.

Him: They’re like a delicacy…too fancy…

And then, this is what I said to emphasize our differences before he rolled his eyes and walked away:

You know what this is like? This is just like that video for Uptown Girl.

Which begs the question: are relationships and the people in them like snowflakes – no two alike? Do those differences then pile up and make us like snowflakes in a different way – cold and prone to melting down?

It’s hard to say, but at the end of the day the big lesson is, as always, compromise.

Isn’t that boring?

Saying that the key to a good relationship is compromise is like saying that the secret to losing weight is eating less and moving more. Duh. Tell me something I don’t know. Give me a silver bullet. Give me a whoopie pie. Give me a boyfriend who always wants to do all the same stuff I do. Impossible?

Yeah, I thought so.

So, if you’re a triple grande latte and your boyfriend is a medium regular how do you make it work?  Don’t just compromise – celebrate your differences!  You might find yourself enjoying the Terminator movies and he might feel less alienated by subtitles than he had once imagined.

What have you compromised on for your boyfriend that you ended up enjoying?  Don’t say anything involving NASCAR or the WWE. Nobody will believe you.

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Tracey Nolan is a writer, photographer, girlfriend and new mom living and working in Toronto. Find her online at and Follow her tweets at @misstraceynolan. Come on.  You know you want to.

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