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Miss Singleton written by Crystal Major

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on May 16, 2011

Tagged: Crystal Major, Rave

I’m single.


This is the first time in my life that I’m actually glad I’m not married already. Turning 29 and living on my own has brought me to a new stage in my life: I am boyfriendless. This rarely happens to me and when it does, it’s not for very long. This time though, I’m revelling in my singledom.

Boyfriends, husbands, partners, the occasional gorgeous stranger leaning against the bar – they’re all wonderful when they’re in your life (well, sometimes not so wonderful but that’s another post). For me, it’s time to be selfish. I’m watching whatever I want on TV at all times. I’m making plans without checking to see if the boyfriend’s schedule fits mine. I’m going out. I’m sleeping in. I’m flirting with handsome strangers. I’m giving out my digits. I’m doing my hair on the regular. I’m letting my dog sleep in my bed again. I’m planning a life for just ME and you know what? It feels so freggin’ awesome.

All the stuff I didn’t do while I was in a relationship I’m doing now and it’s so refreshing.

My friend told me to ignore all guys until I meet one I can’t ignore. His advice has been fantastic. I’m so happy right now because I’m listening to myself again. I’m putting myself first and when I’m in a relationship, I put the other person first. I adore doting on my boyfriends and thinking of us as a team, but right now I’m a team of one and I’m kicking serious ass.

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Crystal Major is just a downtown girl finding happiness everywhere she can. She’s a social media maven, avid coffee drinker, vitamin D junkie, devoted dog mother, blissed out blogger and shoe collector (among other awesome things).
Follow her on Twitter @missmajor, and check out her blog Major Gal.

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