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No Surprises, But Wait! written by Danielle Christopher

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on May 31, 2011

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T’was the night before Christmas of my 36th one on this planet. Not a cat was stirring, not even a child. I stared up at the ceiling of my darkened bedroom. My husband snoring away in his slumber. In my heart, I felt no excitement. I was looking forward to seeing our young daughters enjoy their Santa surprises.

I can’t remember the last Christmas I yearned for. Maybe, I am too old to look forward to Christmas surprises, or even birthday surprises. For years I have either picked out my own gift, or let my husband take over the domestic duties. Rarely do I open a surprise on the special occasions.

My eyes grew heavy and I drifted off. I was awakened by an anxious three year old wanting to go down a floor. We rambled down the stairs, the four of us, holding back the kiddos until we could feed the cat and start the Christmas morning coffee (bonus for me!).

The kids tore into what Santa left. Over the course of an excited hour the squeals and delights were still echoing off the walls by the time I opened my presents. A book I asked for, accompanied with a favorite wine, make me smile. I did feel a prediction, but it’s still nice I got what I wanted.

When we believe all the gifts are opened, my husband saw another one. An envelope addressed to me. The kids ran off playing with their new delights. I opened the envelope and found a large gift card to my favorite spa.

I smiled at the thought of an afternoon alone getting pampered. Then, the real first surprise of a long time dropped. My dear hubby told me it’s for an appointment he booked for a few days later!!!! He was still home for the holidays during that time.

Tears filled my eyes at the spontaneous surprise. After 16 years of marriage it is not about flowers on Valentine’s Day, it is about taking care of one another when you least expect it.

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Danielle has been married to her husband for over eighteen years. That first date was almost 21 years ago. She is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Momoir Project, Women’s Post, The Yummy Mummy Club and many other parenting websites. Danielle lives with her husband and their young daughters in Langley, BC.
Find her on Twitter @just_d_world. Her main blogging home is

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