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Lordy Lordy, dating younger men when you’re over Forty written by Heather Held

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on June 27, 2011

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I had dinner with a 40+ year old friend the other night, and the discussion became a great follow up to Claudia Grieco’s post last Monday about age gaps.  My friend and I were talking about her current “dilemma”.

She has a “boy” 17 years younger than her that REALLY wants to take her for drinks – apparently he wants to “Rock her World” – sounds promising.  I personally see nothing wrong with her going out with him, I just wonder about the potential of it turning into something real – NOT!  I told her if she just wants to have “FUN” and feel good about herself, then she should give him a shot.  At first she was dead set against the idea, but after looking at his “online” picture repeatedly, thought maybe she would take him up on his offer.

Now, this is all easy for me to say since I’ve been happily married to a man two years older than me – I guess I was hoping to live vicariously through her!  I’m pretty sure, judging by his “sexts” that he’s not in it for marriage!  We were discussing why he would want to go out with someone 17 years his senior when he is a “Greek Adonis” as she so fondly describes him!

He said he didn’t want the run around he gets from younger women – I’m thinking he wants somebody whom he doesn’t have to “persuade” to join him in the bedroom, because she knows what she wants and will either say yes or kick him to the curb!

Who says 17 years is such a big gap anyways?

I think we have to be concerned when the age difference is more like 60 years, such as the Hugh Hefner scenario.  I remember listening to the announcement of his upcoming marriage on the radio recently.  The announcer said “imagine what his wife is thinking on their honeymoon – as soon as he took his clothes off I would think of a raisin.” Ha!

I suppose the point is, if you are heading into a relationship with the same expectations, no matter what the age difference, then it should work out just fine.  I don’t want my friend to get hurt, but I’m thinking she knows what to expect – she’s a big girl and can take care of herself.

I have to be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to hearing what happens on their date – I hope she doesn’t let me down!  I applaud those younger men who go for us “older women”!  We are the best of both worlds and of course the 40’s ARE the new 30’s!

As for the older women dating younger men?  All the power to you and I’m sure that will keep you looking “Fortylicious”!!

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Heather Held is the co founder of a social networking site for people in their 40′s to challenge themselves and others in the areas of Travel, Health & Fitness and Social Activities.  Members can post pictures, chat with each other and post their accomplishments. You can also follow her on twitter @fortyliciousCa.

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One Response to Lordy Lordy, dating younger men when you’re over Forty written by Heather Held

  1. More power to her!
    Personally, I couldn’t do it..I’ve aways been more attracted to older men myself and couldn’t imagine having any kind of meaningful relationship with someone that much younger..HOWEVER, I think that if both people are getting what they want from the situation there’s nothing wrong with it.

    If BOTH people are ENJOYING the relationship than WHY would anyone feel the need to judge?

    Live and Let live, I say!

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