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Q & A with Psychotherapist Tasha S. Eastman

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on June 14, 2011

Tagged: Tasha S. Eastman, relationship expertise

Sometimes we all need professional help and guidance to make sense of our lives, especially our relationships.  Send any questions you have to and Psychotherapist Tasha S. Eastman will answer them!

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 6 months and she already wants me to meet her family. We both come from traditional families and I worry that meeting them will just open a can of worms. I do care about her but it’s still early and I feel it’s too soon. She thinks it means I don’t want to be with her but that’s not true. How can I convince her I just want to wait until we’ve been together longer and are more serious?

A: It’s often difficult to convince someone of your feelings/what you want, when they so strongly want something different. I am wondering if you have had the chance to discuss what comes along with “meeting the family”, in other words, what it means to both of you, why you do or don’t think this is the right time, etc. By covering all of your bases there is more opportunity for hearing and understanding each other. You may not be able to completely agree on what to do right now but if you both make an effort to understand where the other person is coming from it may be enough to help you two work through it in the meantime until you can decide together what is best for you in your relationship.


Tasha S. Eastman has always had a great interest in understanding how and why people experience things the way they do. Through her studies of Psychotherapy, she has learned ways to work through the difficulties associated with the way her clients experience and make sense of relationships, different events in life, or of life in general. She has a genuine desire to develop trusting relationships with her clients and help them feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. For more information please e-mail and follow her on Twitter, @TashaEastmanTO

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