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The “Look” written by Lisa Ferreira

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on June 13, 2011

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I’m not sure what my husband would say is worse: me before my coffee, or immediately after.  Before any coffee, you’re lucky to get more than a growl n’ scowl combo.  I have nothing to say and I hate everyone.

Caffeine reinvigorates me so thoroughly, I am positive it physically enlarges the size of my eyeballs.  We have our own coffee equation in this house: 2 pots of coffee every day =  1 new coffeemaker every 2 years.  And these are high-end coffeemakers.  We do not mess around when it comes to The Bean.

When my husband and I worked in the same office together, we would always hit a coffee shop on the way.  Getting ready at home and the ride to the coffee shop were both silent affairs.  No conversation, just radio-filled silence.  You would think we were in the middle of a huge argument. 

Enter coffee.

Coffee: “Hi, I’m a mild blend, containing more caffeine than a darker roast.”

Me: “Hello, gorgeous.” 

That sullen, pouting girl of a few moments ago?  She’s going over every incessant detail of everything you might not know about.  She’s giving a recap (unasked for) of that episode of Melrose Place when Kimberly made her shocking return!  She’s performing an improv-opera based on that dude who crossed the road way too slowly 18 minutes ago.

After our son was born and I decided to stay home with him, I would have my morning coffee before my husband was out of bed.  Down the stairs he would come, groggy and looking for his very own wake-me-up, and I, extremely caffeinated, would assault him immediately.  There were just so many things our one month old had done in the past two hours to talk about!  I mean, he looked like he wanted to move somewhere!  Really!

My husband always says that even inhaling the scent of a freshly brewed cup flips the “on” switch in me.  These are the moments when my husband cannot stand the sound of my voice.  Nor could, I imagine, most people.  But he’s the only one who will actually tell me to shut the f*#% up, with just a look. 

And I love him for it.

I am now very familiar with that look.  The look that says “If you love me even a little, you will stop talking now.”  It’s hard, but I manage to keep a lid on it.  At least until his coffee is poured.  Because a little coffee will make it all better.  And then we can talk about it.

Do you get a “look” from your partner so often you can interpret it?  Or are you the one giving the look?

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Lisa Ferreira is a wife and mother in the Toronto area.  She dabbles in music, writing, theatre, and using the word “dabbles”.  Give her an hour’s notice before you come over. You can follow her on twitter @MomofKai.

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One Response to The “Look” written by Lisa Ferreira

  1. Rita says:

    Loved it. Know what you mean.

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