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THINK YOU HAD A BAD DAY? Rebecca’s Hate Mail

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on June 22, 2011

Tagged: Hate Mail, Rebecca Eckler, Think You Had A Bad Day?

Rebecca is as controversial as they come, and with that controversy sometimes comes, well, being hated. She’s very good at laughing things off, and wants to share some of her hate mail to #1) make you laugh, and #2) rebuttal in her own defense. Plus, it’s Wednesday and we all need a little pick me up to get through the rest of the week.

“I think an author who writes a book about How To Raise a Boyfriend must be really difficult to live with. I ask you, Ms. Eckler, have you looked into the mirror and asked yourself what it is like to live with YOU?”

Rebecca’s Response:

Actually, yes, yes I have. In fact, each and every morning I look in the mirror and ask myself that question. I’m not going to lie. In some ways, I am a handful. I like to keep in regular contact with my man. I like getting compliments and not having to ask him, “Do you love me?” and them just coming out with it. If you’re watching television with me, I MUST hold the remote or the world will end.

HOWEVER, I’m also pretty laid back. I’m NOT gong to yell at you if you leave your dishes out. If you leave a towel on the floor, I’m not going to yell at you either. If you say you’re going to do something and don’t, well, guess what? I’m so NOT a nag.

I really suggest you read the book because it has some great tips and funny stories. I’m ALSO good in bed. So, yes, I think I’m a pretty good person to live with (if I can hold the remote.)

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