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You Know He’s A Keeper When… written by Rebecca Eckler

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on June 28, 2011

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You know you have a keeper when the guy you’re dating or married to always let you pick the movies. I know this may sound like a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but actually, I love movies, so it means a lot.

Most (if not all) of the men I dated before I found The Spoon (my boyfriend’s nickname – HEY! THERE COULD BE WORSE!) either loved seeing movies too or never watched movies at all.

I’m not sure which type was worse.

Wait. I’d say the ones who loved movies were far worse. Whenever I would suggest going to see a movie, I’d never get an “Ok.” I’d get a “No, I heard that was bad.” Or, “No. Why don’t we see this instead?” Or, ‘That looks horrible.” Once I even got “Too chicky.”

The point is I never got a straight “Ok.” Just a plain and simple, “Sure, let’s do it!” There were always arguments before going to the movies.

Now, the men who NEVER saw movies (also, for some weird reason, were the ones who never read either) were also troublesome, because they’d let me pick out the first movie, and, after that, they wouldn’t. Let’s just say I often have bad luck at picking movies. But if you are a movie-going lover like I am, then it’s more about the experience sometimes than the actual movie.

Anyway, I dated a guy who, after we saw ONE bad movie, never trusted my judgment again, and refused to see anything I chose. We’d always argue before going to the movies. (And if you’re arguing over movies, you can imagine what else we were arguing about!)

Now my boyfriend ALWAYS lets me pick the movie. This is because of his willingness to try new things and the fact we enjoy each other’s company even throughout a bad movie. He’s never said, “Next time I get to pick the movie,” even after we see a bad movie. So, yes, he’s definitely a keeper. And let’s hope for a Hollywood Happy Ending shall we?

Do you and your partner fight over which movie to see? Who usually wins? And please check out Jenna Rocca’s post on the intimacy of media consumption!

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