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Learning How To Simmer Down written by Kim-Lan Tran

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on July 19, 2011

Tagged: Kim-Lan Tran, Rave

Naturally as a human being, I can get fairly unreasonable and downright dramatic. Sometimes I’m just so upset that I just don’t want to talk about it,  and what I really want to do is stew and brood, thinking about how unfair my life is. This… unfortunately also leads me to lashing out at a particular loved one, which leads me to having to apologize a bit too frequently than I’d actually like.

Men are portrayed as easy creatures, distracted by sex and food—if you ever mess up just throw one some scantily clad lingerie with a medium rare steak in hand and all is forgiven. This is not the case, at least not with the good ones.

Being in my previous relationships men didn’t quite want to talk about issues and most of the time arguments would end with “whatever I am not talking about this”—an immature and VERY aggravating approach. So, when I had my first couple of fights with my current handsome beau, I thought food had to be the way to his heart but also to forgiveness.  Though he appreciated the chocolate caramel brownies, this was not nearly enough.

Every time we have a ‘debate’ as he’d like to call it, he wants to talk it out. I’m spoiled every time; he ensures that I leave the conversation just as happy as I was before the entire issue was laid out. Most times I try to brush it off by saying “nothing, nothing’s wrong, I don’t care just forget about it” but this never fools him.

I still have a lot to learn about having grown up conversations and it’s certainly something I’m trying to work on everyday. Because trust me, this lady has a temper and it takes a truly patient and caring man to simmer this beast down.

How often do you look back thinking, I should have definitely been more patient? As my mother always said, “use your words.”

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Aside from being in an extremely happy relationship with both the founder of and crunching numbers, Kim enjoys staying active with running, swimming, and eating! She’s a small woman with huge attitude. You can follow her rants and opinions @kimmeridge.

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