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My Mother Is Dating?! written by Alessia Galati

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on July 20, 2011

Tagged: Alessia Galati, Rant

There’s something that feels way unnatural about this whole thing to me. I get it – she’s a 50-something, single, intelligent, successful woman with lots of friends and even a few admirers. And I want her to have a life, TRUST ME – no one wants to see my mom happy more than me and god knows she deserves it.

But it’s just, weird.

First there’s the ‘Oh, I met this really nice man over coffee yesterday’ or ‘So-and-so introduced me to this great guy last night at the dinner party’. This inevitably leads to me watching my mom pretty and perfume herself ready for a first, second or third date. This part, not so bad. It’s the details that follow these dates that really get me uneasy. Just writing this puts a squirmy look on my face.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she’s giving me TOO much information, if you know what I mean. Yes, we’re both single, adult women part of the dating scene and are extremely close – but the mother/daughter line still finds a way to be drawn. And in addition to the gushy details, there’s hurt that inevitably comes along with dating at any age – at this part is even harder to swallow, it breaks my heart.

Now contrary to my own discomfort with all of this, my mom is just fine opening the line of communication and wanting to share our experiences with one another. So, despite both our efforts to find a common ground on the to share vs. too much information debate, it’s definitely become a small point of contention between us.

I know – at the end of the day, I need to trust and respect her decisions, knowing she’s not doing anything wrong. Its best I remove how I’m feeling from this equation and let her enjoy and have fun with good people. After all, she’s the parent here and she raised a pretty good kid (if I may say so myself), so she must have more than a few things figured out.

Try as I might, it’s still weird.

And can I just interject for a moment to mention – if this is how hard it can be to watch a parent date, how do our parents watch us go through the ups and downs of relationships, people coming in and out of our lives, happy or hurt and back again!? I’m thinking it’s a lot harder than it looks.

So have you ever been through this? Felt this way or not? If anyone has any advice or opinions on this one, I’m all ears!

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Twenty-six year old Alessia Galati is the Buying Assistant in ladies wear at the Bay, and is currently dating. She adores her friends, loves being in love, and can’t go a day without her fashion mags. Although she’s new to the blogosphere, she’s been reading and writing for decades. Talking about relationships, dating, boyfriends and the like has always been her thing and she has more than a few tales to tell. She should blog and tweet more than she does so why not help her along?
Follow Alessia Galati on Twitter: @alessia_marie and check out her blog, Estilo.

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