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Golf Widow written by Lisa Ferreira

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on August 22, 2011

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of a man around the house…what’s that?  We’re not gathered?  It’s just me here?  It must be Saturday.

During the months of March through to November (sometimes December), Saturdays mean one thing in this house: Golf.

I keep getting told that I am a golf widow. Knowing looks from other ladies who know just what I’m going through.

But the truth is, I’m fine with it. I love it, actually. I don’t feel like I am losing part of him, or whatever it is a “golf widow” is supposed to feel.

Yes, I turn down invitations for events that fall on a Friday night, because, well, my husband has an early bedtime that night. He wakes up at 5am to play golf every Saturday.

Yes, I reschedule Saturday afternoon outings because we have a family nap (best idea we’ve EVER had) when my husband returns from walking his 18 holes. All of this working-around-my-husband’s-golf-schedule results in a look of pity from others, when I say, “nope, that won’t work.” Sometimes there’s even an incredulous “He can’t miss one round of golf to come to that thing I’m having?”

Sure he can. And he has, when I’ve asked him to. But I would never ask unless it was really important to me, and that thing you’re having at your place just doesn’t cut it.  Sorry. He has golfed on the morning of a friend’s wedding, rather than miss his tee-time.  He was cutting it close, and it stressed me out. But we made it on time, as he said we would. Golf is his thing – his time away from the house and work, time with his friends, time for himself. And I’m really quite fond of the afternoon nap. It’s lovely.

Now it’s my turn to get out of the house. This fall, I will be returning to one of my first loves – musical theatre. My husband will be the one shuttling our son to programs, cancelling plans, ducking out of parties, and working around the rehearsal and show schedule. I’m sure he will be as supportive of my love as I’ve been of his. It’s only fair.

Meet the theatre widower.

Do you support your spouse when their interests take away from your time together?   Are you jealous of our weekly-scheduled nap? Would you like to see me in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat? Tickets are on sale now at

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Lisa Ferreira is a wife and mother in the Toronto area.  She dabbles in music, writing, theatre, and using the word “dabbles”.  Give her an hour’s notice before you come over. You can follow her on twitter @MomofKai or check out her blog, Winter Pays For Summer.

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