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Hiding Bad Habits written by Kate Grant

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on August 8, 2011

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I have some bad habits.  As much as much as I hate to admit it, there are some weird things I do that just make me who I am. For instance, I got into the habit years ago of bringing water to bed with me just in case I got thirsty in the middle of the night and for some reason, I leave them in my room in the morning. By the end of the week there are a collection of glasses on my night table, and when I’m good and ready I take them into the kitchen. It’s a bad habit, I know.

I’m not sure why but when it comes to being in a new relationship people tend to hide some of their bad habits for as long as possible. Maybe it’s because we want the other person to like us more, maybe we don’t want to come off as a freak, or maybe we just want to seem perfect for our new partner. We all want to put our best selves forward and hope we can keep our bad habits to ourselves. But does this really work?

A few months into my current relationship with Boyfriend, I decided to throw caution to the wind and let my bad habits shine. Once you have been in a committed relationship for a few months you seem to become more yourself and feel less pressure to be perfect all the time. I discovered that once I let loose a little bit and started leaving glasses around, he started to reveal some of his bad habits and I actually appreciate him more for them. I realize that not everyone is perfect and it is in our flaws that we can find happiness.

When I look at some of my past relationships one of the reasons they have failed is because I tried too hard to hide some things. In the end, the truth always comes out and people end up disappointed or misled. With this new relationship I decided that I was not going to hide anything and it seems to be working out.  Not only does he realize that I’m human, but he also feels as though he doesn’t have to be a perfect robot around me.

On this note I ask you, what are some of your bad habits?  I know I leave glasses around but as I say to Boyfriend ‘it’s part of my charms!’  Do you hide your bad habits from your partner or do you allow yourself to just be you?

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Kate is currently living in Toronto and works within the media industry.  When she is not working she enjoys going to yoga (although she’ll probably never be able to become pretzel-like), watching old movies, reading and re-reading F. Scott Fitzgerald novels, and discovering new and exciting places within her city.  If you are interested in what she is doing you can follow her on Twitter @BisouBisouKate

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