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Celebrity Crush Confessional written by Julie M Green

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on September 14, 2011

Tagged: Julie M Green, Rant

This post might even be called “Why celeb crushes may not be so harmless after all.”

TIFF is well and truly underway. And while it’s exciting to play host to one of the world’s biggest film festivals right here in Toronto, you won’t find me hanging around the red carpet hoping to ogle Brad or George. It’s not that I don’t like to swoon with the best of them. But my husband is insanely jealous.

Yes, even of celebrities.

Now, you might find that sad or even a little touching. For me, it’s somewhere in between. While I’m flattered that he doesn’t want his wife to have eyes for anyone but him, it’s absurd for him to be jealous of hunks on the silver screen. I mean, really. After all, crushes on celebs are just a bit of harmless fun. They are safe objects of lust. We can look all we want, knowing we can never touch.

Surely this kind of crush is better than pining after the new guy in the office, right? If the shoe were on the other foot, I know which I would rather.

I daresay it’s healthy for me (and a few million other women) to drool over Don Draper precisely because he’s not real. He’s a sexy figment of my imagination, and a bit of fantasy goes a long way in adding extra spice to a committed relationship. I would never dream of straying from my husband, who’s easily as hot as any Hollywood actor.

Still, I can’t convince him that my celebrity crushes are as meaningless as they are vital. Every time we sit down to watch Mad Men or the latest Twilight installment (I’m Team Edward, in case you’re wondering), his back is up, knowing I’m just watching for my fix of eye candy.

So for now I’ll smile knowingly and keep my crushes to myself.

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Julie M Green (aka Little Green Mom) is a novelist and freelance writer who rants and raves about all things mommy at Little Green One. She also writes the daily Mummy Buzz feature at Erica Ehm’s
Julie lives in Toronto with her husband and three-year-old son. Visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

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