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Five Tips to Remember For Your First Getaway Together written by Ashyia Hill

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on September 27, 2011

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Dr. William Doherty states that people often live “with a chronic sense of deficit about the time we spend together as a couple.” Take back your relationship with a vacation for just the two of you, and remember that your first getaway together should be romantic and fun. Without proper planning and good communication, though, it can be chaotic and destructive to your relationship. Follow the tips below to get the best out of your vacation.

1. Discuss the financial aspect of the getaway with your boyfriend.

Is he paying for the entire vacation, or are you splitting the bill? If his income is significantly less than yours or vice versa, what kind of compromise is in order? Ashyia Hill from the travel credit card comparison site, CreditDonkey, says you shouldn’t assume he is paying for everything just because he usually picks up the dinner tab. A getaway can be bank-breaking even for people who are well off. The sooner the financial aspect is worked out, the sooner the two of you can focus on the fun parts.

2. Determine the Length of the Getaway

If you don’t live with your boyfriend, keep the first getaway short. Spending the day or a couple nights at his house is very different than spending 24/7 with him for a week. You’ve probably heard stories about how significant others can’t stand each other after moving in together. Everyone has quirks, annoying habits, and ingrained ways of doing chores that can rub other people the wrong way.

Keeping this in mind, and plan to spend two or three days max with your sweetheart. Don’t give him the “benefit of the doubt” by setting aside two weeks. There’s nothing wrong with being incompatible in small ways.

3. Know that bumps in the road are inevitable

Maybe he’ll decide on day two that relaxing at the hotel instead of following your activity schedule is best. Sometimes flights are delayed or bags are lost or stolen. The hotel advertised free wi-fi but neglected to say that it’s only available in the lobby. Whatever the problem, don’t fret too much over it. Get travel insurance and be open-minded about your boyfriend’s wants.

4. Be Prepared to Separate

Few couples have identical interests and hobbies. If necessary, kick back at the spa while he goes skiing. Going your own way for a few hours is no big deal. You might need time away from each other, anyway.

Do make sure to spend the vast majority of time together, though. One government study states that “economically disadvantaged couples spend slightly more, rather than less, time together than non-disadvantaged ones.” Don’t fall into the trap of having money and time, but little relationship with your boyfriend.

5. Say Yes to New Things

Part of vacation is eating and doing new things. Don’t dismiss foods and activities your boyfriend likes without considering them first. Remember, your first getaway is about having fun and getting to know each other. You can’t do that without exploring new things!

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Ashyia Hill is a social media advocate with CreditDonkey, where couples like you can find credit card deals to help enjoy more while spending less on your first getaway together.  Please visit her blog or twitter.

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