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Taking Staycations To The Next Level With written by Jen Kirsch

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on September 7, 2011

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After a long week, or month(s) of work, you want to do something special with your someone special, but your schedules and wallets won’t allow you to escape to the cottage let alone a Caribbean island this weekend. And if you’re anything like me and my friends, on weekends you tend to go to the same spots repeatedly: the same types of restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. over and over again. When it comes to going out for a night in your own city, status quo and routine tend to prevail. No matter how happening your city is, it becomes pretty boring pretty fast.

So what do you do when you’re not only tight on time and money but also bored of the same old thing?

Fear not my fellow femme, there are still options that can take you out of the house, giving you that away-from-home feeling. A mini-vacation of sorts, without having to go all that far, and for a reasonable price, you’ve likely heard of taking a “staycation.” And with this idea, you need to visit one online destination, and one only. is a website that was recently launched and essentially acts as your very own travel service. It provides a hand-selected menu jam packed with various local travel options. Everything is planned and packaged for you, from hotel accommodations to tours, spa packages, incredible places to eat and even outdoor adventures. Does it get better than that? Yes. While you’re likely worried about the cost, these packages are priced at up to 60% off. This pay-in-advance feel makes each check off of the itinerary list easy, smooth and of course affordable.

I had the opportunity to go on a jaunt with my other half recently and most loved the element of luxury. We are both city folk through and through, so we decided to choose a package perfect for our personalities: “A Sweet, Suite Package at the SoHo Metropolitan.”  This package included a one night’s stay at one of The Soho Met‘s luxury suites, a private visit to Neubacher Shor Contemporary art gallery in Queen West, a dinner for two at the four Diamond-rated restaurant, Lai Wah Heen, and a graffiti tour in Kensington the morning after.

We checked in to the hotel to drop off our shared travel bag, had a drink then slipped out to the gallery. From there, with a full appetite we headed over to the restaurant for dinner. I’d like to say our meal was five or so courses, but I lost track. Over wine, unique works of art as dishes, and delicious one-on-one conversation, we already fell pray to the love spell our jaunt cast on us.

When our cocktails, private gallery viewing, dinner and après dinner drinks were done, we escaped back to our hotel room and sipped flutes of champagne clad in plush white bathrobes. When normally we would just crash after a night out, we took time to enjoy our setting (and each other), something that was forced upon us in a positive way to ‘get our moneys worth.’

Not all of us have a cottage or weekend home to escape to but luckily we now have These packages really are perfect for those who don’t get to spend one-on-one date nights with their significant other often, for people who want to further explore their city (and the gems in it), and especially for those who want a getaway to be mapped out and organized for them. These jaunts also make incredible gifts – we all have friends or family who clearly work way too hard and never give themselves a break.

Grab a sweet deal from for them and send them off on a fun and relaxing weekend.

Safe travels my fair ladies!


Check out Jen’s blog Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething and follow her on Twitter @BlondeBronzed and Facebook.

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