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Write What You Know written by Danielle Christopher

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on September 6, 2011

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In the early days of being with my babies, I still sought an outlet. A way to connect with the outside world while dealing with diapers and tantrums. Before I discovered Twitter, I picked up a pen. I self-published two books for my children about our beloved cat, Harley, who passed away before our youngest was born. After my youngest was five months old, I started taking classes with The Momoir Project to learn how to craft my stories about being a mother.

After two years of blogging, guest-posting and my teen story in Parents/Teens: Without Judgment, I now am honoured to have my story “Motherless Moments” included in Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memory of Mother.

I never finished the creative writing degree I began when pregnant with my first. I do not have the funds or the time to go back yet. But when it comes to writing, I totally agree with what every author and teacher state: “Write What You Know.” And for me, it’s especially cathartic to write out what is bottled inside me.

What made my passion fire up is when readers started to reach back to me. I am honoured that people take the time to read what publishers post on their websites. I love what I do.

This book is filled with 25 stories from mothers and daughters from all over.

It is out now on and soon on Here is an excerpt:

“I’ve always loved my bedtime routine with my mom, my right foot dangling in the green shag carpet with my left tucked under my right leg. I am snug in my mother’s lap on our black vinyl recliner in the living room. Her arms are wrapped around me like a seat belt. We say our “good nights.”

As I pad off down the hallway to my bedroom, she calls to me, “Wait.” I turn around with a grin. I know what’s next.

“I love you more than a million oceans,” she says.

“I love you more than a million oceans, too.” I blow her a kiss.

I hit the pillow in my Star Wars-sheeted bed unaware that it will be the last night we spend together in the same house.”

Thank you readers for stopping by, I hope we can keep talking.

You can also find me at @motherlessmom and

For more info on how you can craft your momoir:

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Danielle has been married to her husband for over eighteen years. That first date was almost 21 years ago. She is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Momoir Project, Women’s Post, The Yummy Mummy Club and many other parenting websites. Danielle lives with her husband and their young daughters in Langley, BC.
Find her on Twitter @just_d_world. Her main blogging home is

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