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That Expensive Time Of Year Is Coming

Posted By Rebecca Eckler on October 17, 2011

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How to be a smarter shopper this coming holiday

Written by Rebecca Eckler

It’s already October. How the heck did that happen? Feels like I was just working outside in my backyard taking in the hot sun, driving my daughter to camp and spending the warm summer nights with my boyfriend. But now, we’ve got Halloween coming up in a couple weeks and you know what that means.

The HOLIDAYS are coming.

Even though The Holidays are meant to be about family, friends and togetherness, it seems to me it’s more about spending money. Forget about the usual spending, like getting presents for those closest to you in life – and let me add I’ve got a boyfriend and his two kids to think about this year – I’m talking about the pressure and competitive stress of buying gifts for EVERYONE.

Do you have a trainer? Get them a little something nice for helping you stay so fit. A nanny or caregiver? Show them your appreciation. A doorman in your apartment building? Let him know you like being greeted every time you come and go. What about your kid’s teacher? They surely deserve a token of thanks.

I’m not the type who likes to give money, either, because I think it’s nice to actually think about what that person will want, so keep in mind that I’m also driving all over the city, spending another small fortune on gas, looking for the perfect gift.

And aside from the gifts, what about the endless string of holiday parties? You surely can’t show up empty handed, so there’s another expense. I’m pretty sure wine just ends up being re-gifted so I like to bring something different.

By the time I’m done buying a little something special for all these people, what I really need is another part time job. But this year it’ll be different. Since signing up for the TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express I’ve realized that I can actually be rewarded for my kind offerings. I can get 2% cash back on gas, 3% back on restaurants (should I decide to take someone I love out for a nice dinner or lunch date instead of getting them a measly gift card somewhere) and then everything else I buy earns me another 1% back.

And guess what I’ll be spending the money I earn back on? Rest assured, come January, I’ll be taking a nice vacation to unwind from the fast paced, exhausting holiday season.

The TrueEarnings Card really does make gift giving a lot more fun, doesn’t it?

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