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March 1st 2011

Greetings and Salutations Love Birds!

I’m SO pleased to announce the launch of The
overwhelming response to my book, “How to Raise a Boyfriend” showed people care
about relationships. Like, duh.

I’m a firm believer that there is someone for everyone. You may have already found
that person (Congratulations!) you may be on your way to settling down with that
person (Woot-woot!) or you may be still looking (When you do, I want to hear all
about it!) You may have just ditched the person you thought was perfect, or they
may have ditched you. Whatever. We’ve ALL been there.

But even if you have found that perfect person, you may have begun to realize
that, ‘Oh, they’re not at all perfect!’ That doesn’t mean you don’t love them.
And no one is perfect! (I, for one, am most certainly not!) What annoys you
about your partner may not annoy someone else. Us humans are complex! So let’s
dish and vent about our annoyances!

I love, love LOVE talking about relationships, dissecting arguments in
relationships, and hearing anything and everything to do with BEING in a
relationship (or trying to become part of one, which as we all know, isn’t that easy).

But it’s not all about complaining, let’s also rave about our relationships.

We have some AMAZING bloggers who share everything from Love at First Sight, to
wondering why a husband can’t do laundry, to being in love with a pregnant
woman. The posts are definitely relatable and we’d love to hear your comments.
(Even the bitchy ones. We can take it!)

We’ll be sending out a newsletter to keep you posted with great stories, tips on
relationships, and chances to win free swag. We hope the newsletter will perk up
your day!

As shocked as some of you may be to hear that I do indeed have a boyfriend, I
do. We’ve been together now for about five months. We have yet to have one fight
(Crazy, right?) You’ll notice a “ticker” on the site. It’s a “Countdown to My
First Fight.” And, yes, you’ll hear all about the fight, when it happens. Tick
tock. Anyone want to place a bet?

You share, I share.


February 15th 2011

Watch a discussion about relationships on The Marilyn Dennis Show with Rebecca Eckler, Cabral Richards and Gerry Dee.

February 3rd 2011


On Wednesday February 2nd, two things happened: #1) the double book launch of both How To Raise a Boyfriend and Rebecca’s new fiction novel, The Lucky Sperm Club, and #2) mother nature decided to bring Toronto a massive snow storm. The party was all set to happen at Twist Gallery on Queen Street in downtown Toronto, but we all had our worries that no one would make it out in the snow and the party would be ruined. But is Rebecca Eckler really the kind of woman that would let a little snow kill her launch? No. And are her family, friends and fans the kind of people that would bail? No. The night was a huge success, with food, music, great people, and even a fortune teller (who was a HUGE hit). A gigantic thanks to everyone who made it out, we had a great time!

Photos by Melissa Di Pasquale

January 31st 2011

Rebecca discusses How To Raise A Boyfriend on Breakfast Television.

January 7th 2011

Check out an interview by Erin Balser about The Lucky Sperm Club.